Storm Panels

Should You Have Fabric Storm Panels?

In order to minimize damage to your home during a hurricane in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, doors and windows should be boarded up with plywood or covered with storm shutters. However, putting up shutters or plywood can be time consuming and you may even need more than one person for the job. Taking the time to board up your home when you need to evacuate may not always be the best idea. Fabric storm panels can help.


Fabric storm panels can also be called wind abatement screens and are an effective alternative to shutters or plywood. The panels consist of a light but strong layer of woven fabric that is coated with a synthetic PVC material. This material covers doors and windows to provide a barrier. It can be hard to believe that fabric can provide enough protection against storm debris but these coverings meet codes for hurricane protection. These panels are lightweight and easy to handle and can fold for easy storage.

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