Metal Hurricane Panels

Different Ways to Install Metal Hurricane Panels

If you have metal hurricane panels, there will be different ways to install them.


Different mounting systems can be used to attach metal hurricane panels. The most popular one is a track system, which uses two metal tracks: one above and one below the door or window. The shutters will fit within the two tracks and are secured with nuts and bolts. With a track system, the tracks are mounted to the home and the shutters are then installed when a storm approaches. There is also another version of a track system that is removed with the shutters. The downside of this is that it takes longer to install since you have to install the tracks first before the shutters.


A direct-mount system has no tracks and instead you bolt the shutters directly the wall. There are threaded inserts permanently set in the wall. When you need to install the shutters, you remove the screws and place the shutter over the door or window and thread the screws back into the inserts.

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